Shining Light to Seniors


Bill had multiple sclerosis. He looked like Abraham Lincoln. Because he was younger, perhaps in his 60s, he was a little more aloof than most of the others. Our conversations had a time and subject limit, but I would always stop in and greet him. Ken, who was at that time ministering at a different home, got to know Bill just a bit when he would stop in to pick me up.

One of the wonderful parts about my experience in this work was the way the administration grew to respect me and depend upon me. For instance, when people refused to leave their rooms, they would ask me to work on the problem. And even though the staff, for the most part, was not Christian, when someone was dying, they would point me in that direction. This is what happened with Bill.

We all knew he was getting worse, but he still would not
budge as far as listening to the gospel. One day, though, a nurse heard him say that he was afraid to die. She told me. That day, I waited outside for Ken to pick me up and told him what was going on. I thought it would be best for a guy to go in and talk to Bill. Ken parked and came in.

Bill was always watching television. It was one of the
problems when trying to get a word in about the Lord.
This day, however, because Bill had just returned from the hospital, and his room had been gotten ready for him, no
one could find the remote. Ken latched on to that fact as a work of the Lord. He had Bill all to himself.





Ken pulled no punches that day. Two things helped: knowing that Bill had admitted his fear of dying and knowing that Bill was going to die soon. He knew this would probably be his last chance. Bill was receptive and listened intently. After sharing, Ken asked if Bill would like to pray to receive Christ. He whispered, “Yes.” Ken and he prayed together.

Afterwards, Ken asked him, “Okay now, Bill. If something were to happen to you tonight, where would you go?”

Bill answered, “Heaven.”

Ken asked him, “How do you know?”

“Because God said so,” he replied.

Ken went to the visitation when Bill died. There was a love in his heart for Bill. He wanted to show his sympathy. As he stood quietly by, he heard one of Bill’s sisters say to someone else, “It’s funny, but right before he died, Bill said that he was ready to die.”

Bill is with the Lord based on the promise of Almighty God. I think that is incredibly awesome!