Shining Light

JULY 2019
I love writing the email each month that goes to y'all! Someday, I am going to send each of you a personal email with the newsletter attached!

Your obvious interest in this ministry to the elderly is such a blessing to me. Do you remember how years ago, the way we kept in touch with the missionaries around the world was those thin blue air mail letters! I so recall our pastor calling out the names and the church folk raising their hands to write to this one or that on the other side of the world. It took forever for it to get to the missionary and equally as long for us to get a reply!

Now...just stop and a matter of seconds, an email of encouragement flies through cyberspace to a family serving the Lord in Kenya! And think, too, how their needs and prayer requests can be in the hands of a whole congregation in moments!

I'm always so thrilled to hear from you! Thanks so much! Without your love and encouragement, I could not carry on. Seriously!

Some exciting news will be coming your way next month as well as an opportunity to financially help a woman who is in deep trouble and despair.

May God Almighty, the Creator, bless you with some "cool" things!