Shining Light

JUNE 2019
The June newsletter...with 24 minutes to spare!

I didn't know whether to make this a patriotic newsletter or not! Technically, this is the June newsletter, but the 4th of July is only 4 days away! I opted to put a little U.S.A. highlights in and save the clip art for the July edition! Yet, I do wish you a Happy 4th! I love our country! We have some very serious troubles, and we need to be praying fervently, but I can't help but thank God for my every-day life here in America.

Sometimes people ask me to go visit a particular person in a facility. Sometimes it is a elderly Christian and sometimes it is an unsaved person. I remember such a person probably five years ago. I went at the request of my friend. I spoke to this handicapped man who was just days away from stepping out into eternity. After small talk, I presented the gospel. It going through it three times before he let go of his good works and put his trust in Christ as Savior. This fellow went to be with Jesus the next day.

I have some new folk to go and see at the request of others. Would you pray for me? I willingly go but it does not mean that it is easy. I would appreciate your support.

Thanks to all of you who are so interested in this work and for letting me know by email and text and phone and smoke signals...just kidding...that you are praying for this ministry to the old folk!