Shining Light

MAY 2019
Hello to you all! Thanks for your texts, emails, phone calls and...your prayer requests! It does me good to pray for others!

I love you all for your interest in the ministry to old folk! What would I do without you? :)

It has been a difficult month in many ways. Except for one cancellation, I was able to do all the meetings for May and still spend many hours with my sister, Nancy, first in the hospital and then in rehab. The driving to inner Chicago was not pleasant. A couple of times it took 2 hours from my house to the hospital. A couple of times, in order to miss rush hour traffic (which, I have learned is just a massive parking lot going both directions!), I waited before leaving Chicago for home and walked in my door at 1:00 a.m. Still, though weary and tired, I actually felt God's strength and encouragement every moment!

May all those who come behind us find us faithful!