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Tonight, I was able to speak in depth with her. She is Catholic. I would say that she has a deep desire to know God. She told me tonight that she believes in Christ as Savior and that He is the only way, but she had no assurance of salvation or eternal life. She is not "lovely" in the world's eyes and is shunned by others. I held her hands and prayed for her. I am going to write a letter to her and send a simple tract. Please pray for this lovely woman.
Liz was there again. She listens INTENTLY. She was right up front tonight. She loves the love she is receiving.

une 5, 2015 update...Liz will undergo surgery for uterine cancer on Monday up at Madison. At that time, she will know the extent. She came in late tonight because she went to confession. When she came in, a couple of the women started whispering and looking at her. I was sad. Liz is just a blip on the screen, so to speak. Two weeks ago, I chatted with her for a few minutes about this and that, and when I asked her how she liked it at Heritage Woods, she said, "Oh, it's nice.  I'm just lonely. I just sit in my room all the time." I decided right then and there that I needed to take time with her and she and I chatted together for almost an hour. My heart goes out to her. Please pray that she will be truly saved and about her operation on Monday.

June 22, 2015 update...I went by Heritage a couple of times but could get no info because of the HIPAA laws. The receptionist sort of intimated that Liz would be back in the next couple of days, but she was not. At the Heritage meeting last Friday (the 19th), the people informed me that she was not coming back but did not know where she rehab somewhere maybe.

I decided to look for her after my meeting at Emeritus (which is now Brookdale). One time before, when I went to look for someone, I had to go to five places before I found him. This time, God helped me! I found her on the first try!

When I went into her room, she was sleeping. I very softly said, "Liz?" She opened her eyes and when she saw it was me, she sat up halfway, rested on her elbow and exclaimed, "Sharon! I have been thinking about you!" She was SO delighted to see me. We hugged and then I sat down to try to find out what was going on.

The operation was a success without cutting into her abdomen. It was a complete hysterectomy. She will hear from the doctors this week about the extent of the cancer.

What blessed me is that her brother wants her to come and live with him, if necessary! I am impressed with that.

Of course, I had opportunity to talk to her about the Lord once again and when I said, "Let me pray for you before I leave," she turned toward me as far as she could and reached out her hand. I will keep up with her.

Pray that God will open her eyes about "not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy He saved us...." Pray that her long involvement in Catholicism will not stand in the way.

Thank you for your prayers thus far and for caring. :)