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MAY 13, 2014

Forest City, as has been noted before, is really not a senior home. It's hard for me to describe the cross section of folk there, but most are troubled in one way or another. Now and then (and this is why I ever pursued a ministry here), there are people who seem to be in the wrong place. A woman who had accepted the Lord at Heritage was placed at Forest City. When I went to visit her, I was quite sure her son had made a bad choice for her.

Now, after a couple of years of ministry there and running into a lady from my church (not elderly...perhaps 60?), we are convinced that it is a mistake that she is there. The atmosphere and the lack of normalcy is turning out to be very hard for her. She is working towards a move, but it is not going well.

Would you pray for Melodie? I try to give her ideas of how to bring about a move for her, and we hug her and encourage her in the Lord. She clings to me when it is time for me to go and pleads with tears. She is not a real "cool" person, and therefore, sometimes people do not put their best foot forward to be of assistance for such a person. People from my church visit her...I don't know how often...but she is definitely lonely and overcome with frustration.

I guess I'm asking prayer for two things: One, that she will finally be moved to a more fitting spot, and two, that she will trust the Lord and have peace while she is still at Forest City.

MAY 9, 2015
Last summer I met with a woman from church who had more than once spoken to me about wanting to start serving with ShiningLight. We finally met for breakfast at the end of last summer, talked over the basics about the ministry and about where she might fit. She was very excited about helping out.

What worked best all the way around was Emeritus. She came to one meeting and fit in perfectly. She gave a strong and interesting testimony and was obviously comfortable speaking in front of the folk. That was the last I heard from her. I have made several attempts to contact her to no avail. I know she has some hard spots in her life. Please pray for Vonnie. Pray that God will help her through whatever it is she is going through and pray, if it be God's will, that she will be able to take some of the responsibility at Emeritus. It would free me up to check into another new place.

I may try once more, but will then let it rest.