Shining Light to Seniors


UPDATE...Hello, Fairhaven! Here they come! On the 17th, Don and Mary and I held a service on the 3rd floor of the Health Center and then one on the 2nd. Their passion and gift for this ministry was very evident! How wonderful to know that starting in November, they will be ministering to these people twice a month in a song service and a Bible sharing time! And, I must not forget to include the fact that they are SO excited about stopping by to visit the folk in their rooms.

Well, now they're on their own!  Most certainly, God has blessed Shining Light!

Don and Mary met and started dating when they both attended Trinity College. In 1983 they were married and they now have 3 adult children. . . Amy, Carrie, Danny. . . and Emily, who is in High School. "We are about as ordinary," Mary writes, "as any two people can get! So we are extremely grateful that God can use weak vessels to glorify Himself. We know we have nothing to offer but  ourselves and we want to serve God where He leads and equips."

Read their testimonies below!

MARY. . . 

I was saved when I was 13 after becoming friends
with a good Christian girl in Junior High School.
I was raised by good, moral parents who brought us
to church very week and taught us to pray before bed
and mealtime everyday. Yet, none of us
knew the Lord personally--it was all religion.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, this girl's testimony,
and the power of the Word of God, I became aware
of my standing as a sinner before Holy God. 
I saw my need for a Savior, repented of my sins, and
told Jesus I wanted to follow Him the rest of my life.
Not long after my parents were also saved.

And then. . . I started praying for the man I would
someday marry.  

 DON. . .

I accepted the Lord when the Gospel was presented
through a Confirmation class when I was 14 years old.
My mom had been faithful in bringing me and my
3 sisters to church as I was growing up; I was raised
in a home where doing what was right was taught
and practiced, but not necessarily for religious reasons.
After all, I had relatives who didn't even believe in God,
yet they were good, moral people who modeled honesty,
integrity, and hard work. I did believe in God though,
and became convinced that just trying to do good
would never be enough to take care of the sin in my life. 
I needed a Savior. In my Confirmation Class, I remember
being asked if I would accept Jesus' death as a payment
for all of my sin and if I would choose to follow Christ
for the rest of my life. I made a serious decision at that time.
Years later I reaffirmed that decision as I grew
in my faith as a young adult.